Mylo Zauberer Wed Dec 27 16:54:14 -0500 2017

Subject: SqlSrv Adapter

I am having difficulty making the connection to sqlserver work.
Out of phpactiverecord I can connect and list data, but when I make the connection as it says the manual it does not work. (I can not use the commands such as Model :: find (1))

Has anyone been through this and can you help me?

Down as I'm making the connection

         $ cfg = \ ActiveRecord \ Config :: instance ();
         $ cfg-> set_model_directory ('models /');
         $ cfg-> set_connections (array ('development' =>
             'sql: //'. $ this-> user. ':'. $ this-> password. '@'. $ this-> connection. '/'. $ this-> database. '; charset = utf8'));

I downloaded the adapter and added the lib folder just like the link

I thank the attention